Positive Behavior Suport At Home

How do I use PBS at Home?

1.    The home is more positive than negative
2.    A family code of conduct is in place
3.    We are safe, responsible, and respectful
4.    Parents teach and model what is expected
5.    Appropriate behaviors are routinely acknowledged
6.    Expectations are consistently enforced

What’s Wrong with Punishment? Penalties and Punishments may:

1.    Gain someone’s attention
2.    Buy us time to come up with a strategy
3.    “Work” with a compliant person
4.    Punishment by itself doesn’t change behavior
5.    Overuse of penalties and punishments encourages hostility and subversive behaviors

Think About Your Home

1.    Have the expectations been defined and agreed upon by all adults in the home?
2.    Are expectations explicitly taught?
3.    Do all adults acknowledge when the expectations are followed?
4.    Do all adults consistently enforce the expectations and correct misbehaviors?

Teaching Behavior at Home

1.    Define the skill
2.    Teach it
3.    Practice it
4.    Pre-correct
5.    Prompt and cue
6.    Acknowledge it
7.    Correct it
8.    Monitor it

Responding to Misbehaviors

1.    Before It Starts: Teach • Pre-correct
2.    Just Starting: Move closer (increase proximity) Cue, prompt, remind Restate what the behavior looks like
3.    Crisis: Provide emotional space • Avoid imposing consequences
4.    After: Debrief • Strategize for future success • Select a consequence

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